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The Spark of Innovation.

University of Pennsylvania founder Benjamin Franklin had a passion for science and its practical application. His studies of electricity led to the invention of the lightning rod, his interest in medicine led him to invent the first flexible catheter, and his interest in optics led to the creation of the bifocal. The EMTM program, created in 1988 in collaboration with leaders of major technology firms, carries on Franklin's tradition of creating practical applications from scientific knowledge.

EMTM puts it all together. As a student in the Executive Master's in Technology Management (EMTM) program, you benefit from the EMTM Advantage — a unique master’s degree, designed for professionals who are passionate about creating value at the intersection of technology and business. From its inception in 1988, EMTM has drawn on Penn’s rich history of innovation, research, and practical application going back to Benjamin Franklin, the University’s founder. Faculty and industry experts bring pioneering research and real-world insights into how to manage innovation in an age of hyperspeed change in science and technology. EMTM students, many of whom have advanced degrees, are focused on both technology and business.

Today, EMTM remains one of the few programs that brings the worlds of technology and business together to prepare managers to work and lead at their interface.