Full-time or Half-time Schedule

Full-time students attend classes on Fridays and Saturdays. Taking 3 or 4 courses each term for a total of 10-12 courses each year, full-time students can complete the program in 2 years.

In addition to the benefits of completing their degree earlier and developing a strong cohort among fellow students, full-time students have access to the broadest selection of electives offered on both Fridays and Saturdays.

Half-time students attend classes on Saturdays, arriving on Friday evenings for team projects and other program activities. Half-time students can complete their degree requirements in 3-4 years. (Full-time participation is encouraged, but for students with heavy workloads, travel schedules and/or family responsibilities, the half-time option can be a valuable option.)

Flexibility. Unlike major EMBA programs, students in EMTM may switch between full-time and half-time status in different terms, to respond to changing work demands. Spending the first year as a full-time student and then switching to half-time status to complete the degree requirements in 3 years enables some students to combine the advantages of both options. They benefit from the intensive first-year cohort experience for their core courses, but then balance work and family responsibilities with the half-time schedule as they complete their electives. For related information, see also Costs and Housing and Travel.