A Winning Combination:
Business Courses with Real-World Insight & Application

Learn the best of management practice and principles from faculty of one of the world's leading business schools.

The faculty who teach in EMTM are selected based on their research, communication skills and their work with business and government leaders around the world to address their challenges. They bring a rigorous analytical approach to all areas of business — from finance, marketing and management strategy, to operations, negotiations and entrepreneurship.

Many managers with technical and science backgrounds have grown into business leadership responsibilities without formal preparation. EMTM gives you a base of solid business knowledge and practice, as well as new analytical tools and strategies, which allows you to 'fill in the gaps' and build on your own experience. Business and management courses make up approximately half of the EMTM curriculum. Guest experts in EMTM's yearlong Emerging Technologies Seminar (ETS) also share their experience and perspectives on managing — and investing in — emerging technologies.

Core Business and Technology Management Foundation

EMTM's 10 core courses offer a solid foundation in understanding how business works, how to organize and motivate teams for top performance, and how to talk to finance, marketing and operations managers. Core courses cover traditional business areas such as corporate finance, marketing and organizational behavior and design, as well as courses especially appropriate to technology-intensive organizations, such as decision models, operations management and the management of technology.

Students with prior MBA degrees find that the opportunity to examine core business areas through a technology lens helps to bring their knowledge up to date and adds significantly to their business insight. (Students may qualify to waive some core courses based on prior academic coursework. See Waivers and Substitutions.)

Wide Choice of Electives

With EMTM's management electives, you can focus on specific needs and interests. These courses (or technology electives) can be selected to fulfill up to 4 or more 'open electives' in the EMTM curriculum. Recent options have included courses on Leadership, Models and Tools for Marketing Strategy, Negotiations, Supply Chain Management and Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship, among many others.