Focus on: BioPharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology firms make up a multi-billion dollar industry that depends on the strategic use of science, technology, information and intellectual capital. To compete and excel, organizations need scientists, engineers and technologists who understand the business drivers that determine success and failure — and they need leaders in finance, marketing and operations who understand the processes and principles behind scientific discovery and development.

New demands from an aging population, new areas for discovery from the human genome project, complex alliances and partnerships among pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies, global workforces, increased use of direct-to-consumer marketing, productivity gains through off-shore outsourcing, reduced managed care drug reimbursement — all are among the trends that are creating both opportunities and challenges. And across the board, consolidation has increased the intensity of competition.

How do you make smart decisions in an industry where the costs and the risks are so high? A block-buster drug may require 10-15 years of research, clinical testing and development — yet each day delayed in development time can correspond to $1-3 million in lost revenue. How do you drive innovation and productivity without jeopardizing quality and safety? Where are the emerging opportunities in information technology, nanotechnology and other fields that can improve results?

Penn's EMTM program prepares leaders who can bridge the gap between technology and business.

Who can most benefit?

For scientists, engineers and IT leaders in pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology organizations, EMTM offers the chance to examine your own industry in greater depth — and to broaden your understanding of technologies in other areas that have an impact on advances in pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

Consultants and managers in other organizations who work with or analyze the industry gain a better understanding of the underlying dynamics of modern biotechnology and drug development.

Representative positions of candidates who could benefit from EMTM's Biopharma offerings:

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EMTM Courses in BioPharm and related technologies

At EMTM, you learn from Penn Engineering faculty at the forefront of applied research in biotechnology, as well as successful biotech scientists and entrepreneurs. They bring both research expertise and an understanding of related business issues through their work with pharmaceutical firms, entrepreneurial biotech companies and government health and research organizations.

Among the courses available to students interested in Biotechnology and Biomedical technologies:

For additional course listings, see: Courses.

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Emerging Technologies Seminar

First-year students take part in a year-long Emerging Technologies Seminar that brings faculty and experts from different disciplines to discuss emerging ideas in science and technology, as well as their business implications. Sample topics from previous years include:

For more, see: Emerging Technologies Seminar.

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Recent Participating Companies

EMTM students have come from a range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, including:

AstraZeneca International
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Cell Genesys
Covance Inc.
Dak Pharmaceuticals
ESI Lederle/Wyeth-Ayerst Labs
Immune Response Corporation
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, L.P.
Johnson & Johnson
McNeil Consumer & Specialty Products
Medco Health Solutions, Inc.
Merck & Company
Ortho-Biotech Products Ltd.
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Pfizer Inc.
PPL Therapeutics, Inc.
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Inc.
SCIREX Corporation
Seigfried Ltd.
Taylor Technology, Inc.
Warner Lambert
West Pharmaceutical Services

For other industries and organizations represented, see: Companies.