Global Perspectives

Technology has no passport, with science and business operating freely across borders. EMTM offers global perspectives in multiple ways. Courses address strategic issues affected by a global economy. EMTM students bring a diversity of international backgrounds and business experience, which they share both informally and in team projects. Optional program opportunities add to insights on global technology and business development.

Global Experience Program (optional)

Each year, EMTM students and alumni have the option of participating in a full-credit elective — the EMTM Global Experience Program. A weeklong trip to the selected region caps off a semester-long study of the cultural, political and economic forces driving one of the world's most dynamic centers of technology and business. Recent trips have included visits to India, Ireland, China, Brazil and most recently, to Singapore and Malaysia. The 2010 official Global Experience Program itinerary included visits with 18 local corporate, scientific, governmental and educational institutions. "The main goal we have in designing the program is to give the students the chance to explore multiple industries and multiple companies with variations in size and focus — some that are multinational organizations and others that are founded in the places we're visiting — giving them a breadth of point of views," says EGEP’s academic director Jeffrey Babin.

Through research in preparation for these trips and through interactions with business and government leaders, students have gained a clearer understanding of the political, social and cultural dynamics that affect business competition in different world regions. As a result, many report that they have been able to frame better short- and long-term solutions for their own organizations within the realities of global markets