Leadership and Teamwork

Becoming a leader begins by changing your perspective. At EMTM, you step back and look more broadly at the strategic and management issues of successful technology innovation.

It can transform the way you see and understand the intersection of business and technology, and greatly increase your ability to communicate with others across the organization. Beyond specific coursework on leadership, the EMTM experience itself teaches you how to engage others, lead within teams and organize resources effectively. It is a powerful personal learning environment.

Most courses involve team projects and assignments. Given the talent pool represented by EMTM students, this means that you are working with a diverse group of high achievers, all striving to perform at their best. Your EMTM team can closely mirror the experience of working across organizations at senior levels of management, or working across multiple units and organizations to achieve a common goal.

While all EMTM courses help develop strategic perspectives, students can choose from a set of leadership electives, including Foundations of Leadership, Negotiations and Total Leadership to build more specific leadership skills.

EMTM students also have the opportunity to gain a closer look at the realities of global issues and trends through the optional Global Experience Program.