The EMTM program fee is comprehensive and includes all coursework, assigned texts and reference materials, as well as program-related hotel accommodations, and special events.

For 2010- 2011, the annual program cost is:

(Note:The annual program cost remains fixed for two academic years: tuition is subject to change in subsequent years.) The EMTM program fee does not include transportation, parking or optional expenses such as the Global Experience Program. For additional information on schedules, see also Full-Time and Half-Time Schedule.

Investing in an EMTM Education

Recognizing the value EMTM can provide in developing leadership in technology and innovation management, many organizations sponsor EMTM students by covering all or part of the cost of the program. Financial sponsorship, however, is not a requirement for admission to the program.

Approximately one third of EMTM students receive substantial financial support from their organizations; one third are self-sponsored, investing in their own career development by financing the program independently; and one third combine company-based funding with independent funding.

For prospective applicants, we recommend that you discuss your interest in EMTM with your supervisor early in the application process. It may be appropriate to develop a proposal for sponsorship (full or partial) to explain how your organization can benefit from your participation, and indicate how you would match their support with a level of commitment to the organization. (See below for additional information about student financing resources at the University of Pennsylvania.)

Potential sponsors are welcome to speak with the Director of EMTM to discuss the qualifications of candidates who might gain the most from EMTM. See also Companies and Sponsor Benefits for more information on EMTM benefits for companies.

Student Financial Services at the University of Pennsylvania

For students who are self-funding some or all of their program costs, the University of Pennsylvania has also arranged options for financing, including help for Penn graduate and professional students in obtaining loans with favorable interest rates available through Penn's Student Financial Services. (See "Paying for a Penn Education >> Graduate and Professional Students.") The Student Financial Services website provides comprehensive information and application links for these low-cost financing and payment options. Penn does participate in the "Yellow Ribbon" program for qualified military veterans. There are no fellowships or scholarships available for the EMTM program.

Billing Information

EMTM invoices are billed from the University of Pennsylvania directly to students. With appropriate company approval, EMTM students may arrange to have their sponsoring organizations billed directly. Complete information regarding billing is provided to candidates upon acceptance to the program.