Why Attend EMTM When You Already Have an MBA?

While many graduate programs are structured to advance general business skills (e.g., MBA programs) or to deepen technological skills (e.g., traditional disciplinary MSE programs), Penn’s EMTM program is fundamentally different.

At the heart of the EMTM experience is the dynamic interaction of technology and business. The program uniquely blends these two elements, with neither area displacing the other.

Students who already have an MBA degree may waive up to five core courses with permission of the instructors. However, many students decide not to waive the core courses, given the length of time since having received their MBA degrees or because they choose to experience these courses with EMTM faculty. EMTM provides tremendous flexibility in enabling students to customize the content to their individual career aspirations. Students choose technology electives from the areas of IT & Telecom, Biopharm & Biotechnology, Nanotech & Materials Science, and Energy, Sustainability and the Environment.

For students with a strong business background who are now working for technology-driven firms, EMTM provides grounding in the underlying technologies which drive their product development.

For someone with a technical background, the curriculum provides the business fundamentals which extend the reach of EMTM candidates beyond purely technical roles, and into more strategic, market-oriented roles.


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