Compare Your Options

The chart below offers a look at three options at the University of Pennsylvania for individuals seeking a career path in management and/or technology leadership: EMTM, Wharton's MBA Program for Executives and Penn Engineering master's programs in specialized fields of engineering and technology. EMTM courses are designed and taught by Penn Engineering and Wharton faculty, as well as industry leaders with specialized expertise.

Options at Penn EMTM
(Penn Engineering + business school faculty)
Wharton MBA for Executives
Specialized MSE
Career Goal Leadership in organizations where strong management skills and business strategy, esp. in the context of rapidly advancing technologies, are central to success. Leadership in organizations where strong management skills, leadership insight and breadth of knowledge in finance, marketing, operations and strategy are central to success. Advancement in a position that primarily requires in-depth technical understanding in a specific area, such as biotechnology, IT, or telecommunications.
Technology Curriculum Extensive technology electives plus Emerging Technologies Seminar provide multi-discipline exposure. Courses cover concepts needed to understand and manage different technologies. (Not a specific curriculum component. Exposure to technology management issues is gained through Wharton operations and information management courses and case studies in other management areas.) Focuses on specialized area of interest. Courses are geared to developing advanced technical understanding and expertise.
Management Curriculum Solid grounding in finance, marketing, management, operations and strategy, with wide selection of additional electives related to managing technology and innovation. Broad and rigorous foundation in management and leadership, with electives selected from across the full range of Wharton MBA disciplines. (May have some management courses as part of an elective curriculum, although typically not a significant component of the curriculum.)
Calendar 9-month alternate weekends (Fri/Sat); full-time student cohort completes in 2 years; half-time option (Sat only). Flexibility to switch between full and half time. Year-long alternate weekends (Fri/Sat); student cohort completes the program together in 2 years. Full-time (Fri/Sat) participation required. Varying schedules, with most based on 9-month academic calendar.
Degree MSE from Penn Engineering Wharton MBA MSE from Penn Engineering