Is EMTM for Engineers Only?

Do I need to be an engineer to benefit from EMTM?


You need an aptitude for science, but you do not need to be an engineer or IT specialist. In addition to EMTM students with undergraduate or advanced degrees in various areas of engineering and information systems, many EMTM students have academic backgrounds in management, economics, the natural sciences and mathematics. Others have earned prior MBAs or degrees in law or medicine.

EMTM technology courses are designed to prepare students to understand and manage technology-driven innovation, not to be technology specialists Increasingly, IT leaders, scientists and engineers need to understand business, business leaders need to understand IT and the unique technologies that drive success in their organizations … and both need to understand the potential impact of emerging technologies and trends.

EMTM is designed to fill this need. EMTM students and graduates become leaders who can understand and 'speak the language' needed to communicate across the organization in technology-intensive industries.

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