Power Your Future

EMTM alumni are an essential part of the fabric of the program. Alumni enthusiastically support recruiting events, continue to be invited to ETS offerings and, for a nominal fee, are encouraged to take courses which they did not take while in the program.

In addition to program-related activities which local alumni attend, the program offers semi-annual alumni updates online and on campus for the annual Alumni Day held each year on the last Friday of the third term.

EMTM alumni are invited to join Wharton Alumni groups throughout the world and have formed their own alumni groups in New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia and San Francisco; they are also very active on LinkedIn.


EMTM Networks

EMTM alumni number close to 1000, and are located in all parts of the U.S., in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. In addition to the contacts and connections you make on an individual basis, regional chapters provide a forum for socializing and networking with fellow alumni and for continued learning from Penn Engineering and Wharton professors and other guest experts.

Alumni Resources through Penn Engineering, Wharton and the University

As an EMTM student, your official student and alumni affiliation is with Penn Engineering and the University of Pennsylvania. You can learn more about available alumni resources by visiting the Penn Engineering Alumni site and the Penn Alumni site.

The Wharton School has also invited graduates of EMTM to become members of the Wharton alumni network and online community. EMTM graduates can obtain a lifelong e-mail forwarding address, register to be included in the Wharton alumni directory, and take part in Wharton alumni clubs and events. For additional information about Wharton activities, visit the Wharton Alumni site.

To EMTM Alumni: How to Stay Connected

If your phone number, e-address, or home address has changed, please provide the changes to the appropriate alumni directory sources for Penn and Penn Engineering and for Wharton. In addition, please alert the EMTM office, so that you will receive the latest EMTM news about events and opportunities.

EMTM Office
Penn Engineering
119 Towne Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6391
215-898-5241 215-898-5241 phone
215-573-9673 fax
emtm@seas.upenn.edu e-mail