2010-2011 Career Series



Sat, Nov 13, 11:45-12:45

Interviewing Tips for those who previously attended the 2009-2010 Career Series


To benefit from this series, students/alumni should commit to attending the Kickoff, all four of the workshop sessions and to completing related assignments between sessions.  This series revolves a combination of participants’ individual efforts and peer-feedback. Registration for the workshop portion of the series will begin in January.

Sat, Dec 4, 11:45-12:45 

Kickoff — Alumni Panel
A Moderated Discussion of 3-5 Alums who will share insights on how they have managed their careers and conducted successful job searches. Assignment: Initial Draft of Personal Career Strategy

Sat, March 12, 11:45-12:45 

Overview and Self Assessment
Assignment: the Flower Petal Exercise from What Color Is Your Parachute,  by Richard Nelson Bolles

Sat, March 26, 11:45-12:45

Discussion of Self Assessment Assignments
Assignment: Write first draft of resume and conduct at least two informational interviews

Sat, April 23, 11:45-12:45

Resumé Review/Debrief Informational Interviews
Assignment: Prepare responses to questions about your background for Interview Workshop

Fri, May 6, 6:00-7:30

Interview Workshop




Complete Job-Search Handbook: Third Edition
Everything You Need To Know To Get The Job You Really Want

by Howard E. Figler, PhD

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2010:
A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

by Richard Nelson Bolles


Video Links

Leveraging Your EMTM Degree — Alumni Panel

Your Career Path — with Jim Hess,Founding Partner, Opus Search Partners

Communicating Your Story — Resumé Writing and Interview Training — with Jim Hess, Founding Partner, Opus Search Partners