Career Choices: Different Roads Lead to EMTM

  • Jorge Fukuda, born in Brazil, and fluent in several languages, developed core bottom of draw automation technology for Corning, then oversaw its implementation in facilities in Kentucky, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. For Jorge, EMTM is preparing him to take on broader management responsibilities at Corning and make a stronger impact on its technology. He finds that it's also giving him valuable exposure to different leadership styles. >>more

  • Mark Pecen, PhD, was recently elected to Motorola's Science Advisory Board Associates, a committee that represents the top 1% of technology leaders in Motorola, charged with setting the overall technical direction of the company. In EMTM, he was looking for a program that would help him "extract value from technology and innovation for a leading firm like Motorola." >>more

  • Fal Vaidya has a background in chemical engineering and biology, and has been with Merck for 16 years. When she joined Merck's global procurement division four years ago, she knew she needed to develop a better understanding of business principles, but she also wanted to stay in touch with the s cience side of pharmaceuticals. She was able to do both — plus have two children — while completing the EMTM program. >>more

  • Donald Williams has worked in systems management at the Vanguard Group for the past seven years. He wanted to prepare himself for more senior-level positions and supplement his engineering master's degree with sharper business skills and a better understanding of different divisions of the company. He says he's "able to take things straight from the classroom back to the office." >>more

  • Lee Moss had a distinguished 27-year career in the nuclear navy that included a three-year command of a fast-attack submarine and culminated in a position supporting the Joint Chiefs of Staff's Requirements Oversight Council. Now with Boeing's Integrated Defense Systems and responsible for managing complex, high-budget, large-scale programs, he wanted to broaden his background in both business and technology. >>more

  • Monica Stoddard graduated from NYU with a degree in information systems and business, then worked in information architecture at BusinessEdge Solutions and Morgan Stanley before joining Sapient Corporation in 2004. As a senior associate who works with multiple clients to develop technology solutions for business problems, she wanted to expand her consulting range by learning more about other industries. >>more

  • Pavan Heda, PhD, joined Johnson & Johnson as a research scientist in 1998; as his responsibilities expanded, they increasingly required not only technical expertise, but business and managerial skills. Pavan chose EMTM because he wanted to continue to work full-time while gaining the skills to contribute to J&J at more strategic levels of the business. He was recently promoted to Portfolio Manager. >>more

  • Sam Kim, R&D project manager for the Hewlett-Packard Company, commutes from Vancouver, Washington. Initially attracted to the Penn Engineering/Wharton combination to build his academic credentials and professional track record at HP, he cites EMTM's Leadership courses as helping him become "a more courageous leader." >>more

  • Judith Zosh earned undergraduate and master's degrees in international studies, but has spent most of her career in information technology management. At JPMorgan Chase, she wanted to be able to demonstrate the appropriate value technology brings to the core business. She credits EMTM with helping to advance her career with four promotions over five years. >>more

  • Tim Ogden, systems engineer, designs networks for Fortune 500 enterprise accounts at Cisco. He wanted a top-tier program that would help him better understand the business drivers and technology concerns of his corporate clients. The father of two young children, he also liked the fact that EMTM's alternate weekend format and 'summers off' schedule gives him the flexibility to balance work, study and family. >>more

  • Peter Hughes has been with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for nearly 20 years. As Chief of the Goddard Technology Management Office, he was increasingly involved in agency-level programs with a broad number of emerging technologies. EMTM offered the opportunity to build business acumen in a technology context without relocating his family or interrupting his career. >>more

  • Lisa Simone, PhD, has always wanted to help people use technology to solve problems. She's doing that now at KMRREC (the Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research and Education Corporation). With a strong background in biomedical engineering research and experience at leading technology firms such as Lucent and Motorola, she says EMTM gave her the tools to redirect her career. >>more

Jorge Fukuda Mark Pecen, PhD Fal Vaidya
Donald Williams Lee Moss Monica Stoddard
Pavan Heda, PhD Sam Kim Judith Zosh
Tim Ogden Peter Hughes Lisa Simone, PhD

In every EMTM class, you'll find yourself working with a diverse group of professionals whose backgrounds span industries, cultures, age and work experience. We asked several current and recent students why they chose EMTM, and what benefits they felt their experience was bringing to their organizations as well as themselves. Here are a few highlights, with more in-depth information in each related profile.

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