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Welcome. EMTM InSITE is for prospective and current students, sponsors, alumni and others interested in Penn's Executive Master's in Technology Management (EMTM). In each issue, we cover timely admissions information, program highlights and personal perspectives from EMTM students, alumni and faculty. We appreciate your interest and welcome your feedback and suggestions.
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Nanotechnology Meets Biotechnology
When nanotechnology meets biotechnology, the possibilities are compelling. Imagine particles one billionth of a meter injected into a cancer-ridden body to deliver a payload of medicine designed to kill malicious cells. But picturing the vision is one thing. The hard part is getting there. >>more

Inside India's Powerhouse Companies
During a week-long journey through India in early 2006, students in EMTM's Global Experience Program met with executives who are grappling with the enviable challenge of managing compound annual growth rates between 30 to 60 percent. >>more

Inside India's Powerhouse Companies

Leading by Communicating
Bridging the communications gap between technology managers and executive business professionals was the focus of a panel of executives who shared their insights with a packed auditorium of current and prospective EMTM students, alumni and faculty. >>more

Leading by Communicating

Career Choices: Different Roads Lead to EMTM
Each class of EMTM students spans industries, cultures, age and work experience. We asked several current and recent students why they chose EMTM, and what benefits they felt their experience was bringing to their organizations as well as themselves. >>more

Alumni Event — May 19
EMTM's featured EMTM Annual Alumni speaker for 2006 is Stephen Sammut, an outstanding member of the EMTM faculty and community since 1997 who will be retiring from teaching this year. His topic: "Using the Lessons and Tools of the EMTM Program in Global Development." >>more

Alumni Weekend event

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