Behind the Scenes of the "Irish Miracle"

On Saturday, April 20, 2007, 34 students who are taking part in EMTM's Global Experience Program (GEP) left Philadelphia for a packed week of corporate visits and cultural exchange in Ireland.

A full-credit elective, this year's GEP has focused on Ireland's economic turnaround, and how advancing technologies and globalization have helped to drive its revitalization.

Visits are scheduled to include both multinational and Irish corporations in the IT, Financial Services, Energy, Pharma/Biotech, and Medical Device industries, among them:


    Becton Dickinson Medical — Diabetes Care
    Enterprise Ireland
    GE/Airtricity Windfarm
    Wyeth Medica Ireland

In preparation for this capstone trip, students have investigated specific topics of interest to businesses in Ireland, as well as the challenges facing organizations doing business there.

Last year, GEP students traveled to Mumbai and Hyderabad to study India's powerhouse companies and economy. And in prior years, groups of EMTM students have traveled to Germany, China and Japan, meeting with senior managers from firms such as SAP, BMW, Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals, Siemens and Toyota. Initially a non-credit option, the GEP has now become a full-credit elective open to all EMTM students.

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“With the globalization of much of the technology sector, it's critical for everybody to expand their worldview beyond the U.S... I don't think anybody would want to put the genie of globalization back in the bottle. But if you don't learn about it, you may be at the short end of the stick.”

Jeffrey Babin
Academic Director,
EMTM Global Experience Program

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