EMTM Profiles: It’s About Learning
What’s Happening in the World Right Now

EMTM students come from a broad spectrum of industries, cultures, academic backgrounds and work experience. Find out why they choose EMTM, and its impact on their careers and personal lives:

  • Scott Ackerson, EMTM’08
    Vice President
    Dimensional Photon-X, Inc.
    Huntsville, AL

  • Michael Miktus, EMTM’07
    Manager of Strategic Product Development
    Dow Jones, Inc.
    Princeton, NJ

  • David Proctor, EMTM’10
    Senior Vice President of Acquisitions
    Wind River Holdings
    King of Prussia, PA

  • Tina Schechter, EMTM’98
    Vice President, Mission Success & Information Technology
    Lockheed Martin, Maritime Systems & Sensors
    Washington, DC

  • Wyatt Smith, EMTM’07
    Field Engineer
    GE Wind Energy
    Media, PA

  • Serge-Alain Wandji, MS, PhD, EMTM’01
    Intellectual Asset Manager
    Minneapolis, MN

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Scott AckersonMichael Miktus
David ProctorTina Schechter
Wyatt SmithSerge-Alain Wandji

Student/Alumni Profiles
> Scott Ackerson
> Michael Miktus
> David Proctor
> Tina Schechter
> Wyatt Smith
> Serge-Alain Wandji

EMTM Profiles by Industry:
Different paths lead to EMTM. Students and alumni from diverse industries share why they chose EMTM and its impact on their work and careers.

> Aerospace/Defense/Intelligence
> Biopharm/Health
> Computers/IT/Telecom
> Consulting
> Energy/Environment
> Entrepreneurs
> Financial Services
> Government/Non-Profit
> Manufacturing/Consumer Goods
> Media/Entertainment
> Private Equity/Venture Capital
> Technology Commercialization


More EMTM Student/
Alumni Profiles

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