Innovation and entrepreneurial skills go hand-in-hand — whether you’re starting your own firm or building new business ventures within an existing multinational. For many EMTM students and graduates, the entrepreneurial drive is strong. Some already head up their own companies and turn to EMTM for the combination of technology and business skills they need to keep growing. Others aspire to start their own firms later on. EMTM helps them build knowledge, skills and networks while still advancing in their current careers.

Entrepreneurs do not succeed by being the best marketer, or the best technologist, or the best financier or the best operator. They may be very good at any one or all of these disciplines. However the true value the entrepreneur brings to the table is the ability to create and execute a vision that synthesizes all of these disciplines at once. Quickly. Efficiently. To an outsider this is simplistically referred to as wearing many hats. To an entrepreneur it involves a deeper understanding of how all functions of business and technology must align to seize an opportunity. This cross-functional, multi-discipline approach is a cornerstone of the EMTM program.

How does EMTM benefit — and sometimes create — entrepreneurs? In addition to core courses that build strong business and innovation management skills, EMTM offers: