EMTM students are from extremely diverse backgrounds. Students have a broad range of undergraduate experiences, with roughly 70% having undergraduate degrees in engineering, the sciences, and finance/economics. At the same time, we have students with undergraduate degrees in history, music, languages, communications and the arts. Typically, some 35 - 55% of EMTM students already possess graduate degrees. The common threads among all EMTM students are intelligence, drive and a passion for some aspect of technology management. UP to 50% of the class have entrepreneurial experience or aspirations.

EMTM students are also diverse in how they fund the program. When EMTM was founded, 100% of all students were fully funded by their firms. Although there are still firms which provide full funding, over the years, the number of students receiving full sponsorship has reduced dramatically. Recently, fewer than one third of our students have received full funding from their organizations; roughly one third of our students receive partial funding and 40 % of our students have decided to fully fund the program themselves. (Click here for some insights on students who have funded themselves and on what students find they take back to their organizations.)

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