“EMTM is an open challenging work environment that’s as much about theory as it is about practice.”

Ben Arthur, MS, PhD, EMTM'10
Director, Business Development &
Strategic Management.
Mid-Atlantic Neurological Associates
Baltimore, MD

Ben Arthur, MS, PhD, EMTM'08

A Greater Impact

Benjamin has always been interested in multidisciplinary pursuits and the way one body of knowledge can strengthen another through making the right connections. "I noticed early on that you can get the best individual experts to address a complex, multidisciplinary problem but most experts end up talking past one another. You need someone who has enough experience in multiple fields to intercede and bridge these points of view."

Benjamin began his career as an academic, with a Masters in applied mathematics and a doctorate in molecular genetics and behavioral neuroscience; this training led him to make innovative research discoveries, such as how a single gene can impact the sexual behavior of a fruit fly. He knew that he would be able to make an even greater impact in the biomedical field with a business degree. "I needed to develop competence in business and finance so that I could better leverage my biomedical research background."

Benjamin searched for related programs in Europe and the United States. In EMTM he found the combination of technology and management that dovetailed with his vision. Though it was a "major life decision" to take on the cross-Atlantic commute, he says the program was something he could not find anywhere else.

Creating New Possibilities

Though he came into the program desiring a corporate scientist position, Benjamin has since developed a new goal: Along with an EMTM colleague, he founded his own consulting company, Ventis. "The entrepreneurship idea really caught fire with me. With the sequencing of the human genome, there are many potentially great discoveries coming out." At Ventis, Benjamin consults with clients on technology management and biomedical investment opportunities.

Benjamin and his colleague wrote a business plan for Ventis during their New Ventures class. The ability to apply strategy, use simulations and calculate predictions has brought him concrete results in the business, and through the EMTM network they have built a strong client base.

In keeping with his multidisciplinary nature, Benjamin has also set up a fund for renewable energy sources in his native land of Ghana. He credits his inspiration to EMTM's emerging technologies seminar series, and says the marketing class helped him refine his presentation skills and raise money.

Between the rigorous curriculum, "extremely knowledgeable faculty" and the network of talented students, the program has given him the leverage he was looking for. "EMTM is an open challenging work environment that's as much about theory as it is about practice."