Eric Bernstein

“I was blown away by the breadth of experience and expertise of EMTM students. And because of my interactions with other students, I now have several other exciting new projects going forward.”

Eric Bernstein, MD, EMTM’03
Researcher, Dermatologist, Entrepreneur
Bryn Mawr, PA

Eric Bernstein, MD, EMTM’03

Building Success from Innovation and Networking

Eric F. Bernstein, MD, is a distinguished practitioner, researcher and innovator in the fields of dermatology and laser surgery. He received his BS from Duke University and MD from the Yale University School of Medicine. Following fellowships with the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health and Hahnemann University, he joined Jefferson Medical College, where he directed a photobiology laboratory and served as the first director of the Laser Surgery Center.

Eric's research on a molecular model of skin photoaging led to the development of his own firm, DakDak LLC, which performs in vitro phototoxicology testing for large pharmaceutical companies and pursues discovery of novel anti-aging and pharmaceutical compounds.

Even after successfully launching and selling his company DakDak Photo-aging Technologies, Inc. to Charles River Laboratories, Inc., Eric still felt he had much to learn from EMTM. In fact, Eric credits EMTM for much of his recent success. DakDak, his gene-based laboratory testing platform, enables researchers to determine, without animal testing, whether cosmetics and topical sunscreens may be effective in preventing skin damage caused by sunlight.

When he began EMTM in 2001, Eric had set up his lab, but he knew he needed to know more to make his invention commercial. Eric directed his coursework towards that goal. In his studies, he refined his intellectual property portfolio, identified his need for a strategic partnership and developed the contacts to find that partner.

"Not only does EMTM teach you how to be an entrepreneur and run a business, but it puts you in touch with people who can help you achieve those goals," says Eric who has since begun a partnership with Charles River, a leading provider of in vivo and in vitro models worldwide.

Finding a partner was just the start. Now, with some EMTM schoolmates, Eric, inspired by courses in Clinical Technology Innovation and in Drug Discovery, is working on anti-aging skin care technologies/products for his next company.

Dr. Bernstein is also an aggressive advocate for accurate medical information online. As a founder and chairman of the Hair Removal Journal and Advisory Boards, Dr. Bernstein has actively promoted online initiatives to educate patients and develop standards in the crucial nexus between health and tech.

Recently, Dr. Bernstein has also returned to EMTM, this time to teach a new course in Medical Devices developed specifically for the program. A Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania, Eric holds several U.S. and international patents, consults with numerous cosmetic and biotechnology firms, and is a board member of Candela Corporation, a leading manufacturer of medical laser systems.

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