Janice R. Maiden

“At EMTM, we challenged each other. It was like we formed a family for a time, building trust, but also challenging each other. And the program probably had the best teaching I've ever been exposed to. It was a tremendous experience. The day I graduated, I wanted to go back.”

Janice R. Maiden, EMTM’03
Vice President, Business Director for Systems Protection
Federal-Mogul Systems Protection Group

Janice R. Maiden, EMTM’03

Swimming with the Best

A competitive swimmer as a youth, Jan Maiden compares working with her EMTM classmates to athletic conditioning. "You want to swim with the best because it makes you better. It makes you want to work harder. At the time, I didn't realize the benefits of the network and the people that I met."

It didn't take long to appreciate the power of the knowledge and networks. A year or so after graduating from EMTM, Jan found herself discussing microelectronics with a customer in Japan. "I would never have been able to speak to that subject if it hadn't been for the EMTM classes," she said. She had earned her undergraduate degree in engineering, and spent her early career developing composites for rockets, aircraft wings and other applications. "Now I knew enough to talk with this engineer about microelectronics and how we might serve them."

Having a classmate who worked in Japan also gave Jan insights on culture and business there. "During the program, Lori Hamilton, would go for weeks to Japan or Korea for Corning, flying back for program weekends. She would talk about Japan, and that gave me a feel for what I would be going through from an American's perspective." See Corning Profile. Jan also took part in an EMTM global immersion trip to Germany, where students met with corporate leaders at BMW, SAP and Siemens.

These technical and cultural insights proved to be invaluable in the new position Jan assumed after graduating in 2003. She was promoted to Global Director of Technology and New Product Operations at Federal Mogul, a $6 billion supplier to the aerospace and automotive industry, where she oversees staff and operations in the US, Europe and Japan.

While the chance to combine business and technical knowledge attracted her to EMTM, she also appreciated the program's flexibility. As a mother of three children who had been out of the classroom for two decades, she wanted to go slowly at first. She completed the program in three years.

Jan is now studying French to better communicate with staff and colleagues in France. "One thing I think EMTM has taught me is that you need to keep learning. It is vital."