Judith Zosh

“The entire EMTM experience was a mind stretch. It has turned on my creativity by giving me a twenty-year view of where technology is going.”

Judith Zosh, MA, EMTM’03
Vice President, IT Risk Management
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
New York, NY

Judith Zosh, MA, EMTM’03

A Creative Mind Stretch

Prior to EMTM, Judith Zosh's management and technology training was on the job. Her undergraduate and graduate degrees were in international studies at Johns Hopkins University, but she has been involved in information technology management for more than 20 years, having previously worked in MIS for several investment banks and consulting firms before joining JPMorgan. Judith enrolled in EMTM knowing that "leaders of the future have to be innovative and have a broader technology perspective."

Now she herself has become a leader who is bringing that broad perspective to her work. Since graduating, Judith has also tapped into the diverse talents of EMTM students by sponsoring a corporate application project that gave a team of 5 students hands-on experience addressing a technology challenge for JPMorgan.


Judith knew that she wanted to acquire core business skills from a top school and initially assumed that she would pursue an MBA. However, she also knew that she did not want to become an investment banker. She wanted to continue to be grounded in technology, serving the bank by demonstrating the appropriate value technology brings to the core business. When she came across an announcement for EMTM and discovered what the program had to offer, she stopped her application to an executive MBA program, realizing that she would be able to fulfill both of her objectives within the EMTM program.

Career Impact

Since she enrolled in EMTM in 1999, Judith has been promoted four times. As Global Applications Delivery Manager for Shared Technology Operations, she created standards for technology services across JPMorgan Chase offices worldwide. She cites the program as instrumental to her success in meeting this challenge. "Because of my EMTM training, I was able to do this quickly and comprehensively. I understood the process, the language and how and what to analyze in making decisions."

Judith next served as Global Product Manager in the Technology Infrastructure group, and is now Manager of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for the Global Technology Infrastructure Group. Her goal: "To continue to have a larger influence over the direction that technology takes in the firm."

Judith believes that she is now able to identify and assess new opportunities. She is able to articulate the value propositions of various technology investments "in business terms." She credits the program with giving her the structure and the confidence to form close working relationships with business partners and the ability to aid in the formulation of appropriate strategy.

For Judith, unexpected benefits of the program include: