louis metzger

EMTM put me on the right path and gave me the tools I needed to grow, professionally as well as personally.”

Louis Metzger, EMTM’95
Senior Director, IT
Wharton Executive Education
Philadelphia, PA

Louis Metzger, EMTM’95

Lou, a BS in mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering, was working as a research specialist managing medical sleep studies at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. “I was leveraging my technical skills for my job but I needed to tie my responsibilities together, round out my capabilities and gain more exposure to the business side. At the time, there were not many opportunities for professional growth so I needed to look outside the workplace.”


Lou was considering applying to certificate programs in project management when he was invited to an information session for EMTM. The program’s structure made it possible for him to continue working fulltime and its proximity to his home and on-campus office offered undeniable convenience. “I was very impressed with the support staff who made it so easy for us to focus on our studies. It was really a confluence of factors. The opportunity to network with fellow students — I was working at night and isolated at the time — made the program very attractive to me.”

Career Impact

That contact with fellow students proved invaluable. “Not only are you getting a world class education, but you’re getting to meet and interact with very compelling individuals from aerospace, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and IT — many of whom are from multinational companies. You get to experience the way different people approach the same business case studies; and I still draw on those case studies from time to time.” Shortly after graduating from EMTM, Lou was recruited by a classmate to join a biotech company, and he served for nine years as the lead IT staff member at its manufacturing facility. He has since returned to Penn’s campus and works as senior director of information technology for Wharton Executive Education. Another relationship with a classmate had a very different impact: he married a fellow EMTM alumna several years after graduation.

In Lou’s work today he often relies on the business foundation he gained at the program. “Accounting was a very useful tool for me and continues to be; understanding that side of the house is critical for getting things done. We are very customer oriented at Wharton, so it is important to also have an understanding of marketing. We run the infrastructure that our marketing department leverages to drive their marketing campaigns, and case studies from marketing class are still a touchstone for me.”

His department designs and manages systems and platforms for both internal staff and external (program participants) customers. The industrial design and information management electives he took at EMTM provided perspective and methodologies that assist him in the development of those systems.

Indeed, Lou’s positive experience at EMTM was a factor in his decision to return to Penn and support executive education programs. “The ability to be part of the workforce and still participate in this kind of program and campus life was very important to me. EMTM put me on the right path and gave me the tools I needed to grow, professionally as well as personally.”