“EMTM has played a role in putting my career on a fast track within J&J. … There's a real focus on the big picture. It makes you start thinking in broader terms — on strategy rather than just the details.”

Pavan Heda, MS, PhD, EMTM’06
Director, BIO R&D, Project & Pipeline Information
Centocor R&D, Inc.,
Johnson & Johnson
Malvern, PA

Pavan Heda, MS, PhD, EMTM’06

The Bigger Picture …
from Research to Portfolio Management

A licensed pharmacist, Pavan Heda has always held an interest in the broader science and business of pharmaceuticals. After earning a bachelor's degree in pharmacy in his native India, Pavan moved to the United States to pursue graduate degrees in pharmaceutical science, earning his MS from the University of Toledo and PhD from the University of Maryland. As a graduate research fellow, his work on capsule formulations gave him exposure to several pharmaceutical firms, including Pfizer, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.

Pavan joined Johnson & Johnson as a research scientist after receiving his PhD in 1998. His responsibilities expanded to principal scientist and then R&D group leader in J&J's Consumer & Personal Products Worldwide division. When he started EMTM in 2003, Pavan was promoted to project manager, leading cross-functional new product launch teams. In 2005, he was promoted again to portfolio manager, and shortly after graduating a year later, he moved over to the company’s Centacor division to serve as director of pipeline and portfolio information for biologic products.


Pavan wanted to be able to contribute to J&J at more strategic levels of the business, and had a long-term aspiration of leading a franchise or business unit. "I already had the technical side of product development. Now I wanted to be able to pursue the business and commercial side." Like many other EMTM students, Pavan first thought of a part-time or executive MBA. "I had two main criteria: I wanted to continue to work full-time, and I wanted my degree to be from a top-tier school." As he was considering programs, he heard about EMTM from a recent graduate. "Once I learned more about EMTM, it made sense for me. It's an Ivy League program that combines courses from both Engineering and Wharton."

Career Impact

EMTM has benefited both Pavan and J&J. "I sincerely believe that EMTM has played a role in putting my career on a fast track within J&J." Most important, Pavan says, "EMTM gave me the confidence to look for new roles and move into business development, combining my technical skills and business skills." He feels that he can now add greater value at higher levels of the organization.

A few examples of specific benefits: