Sunita Sisodia

“We've seen that traditional strategies are losing their effectiveness and what EMTM offers is a radically different approach to designing and implementing new strategies.”

Sunita Sisodia, MS, EMTM’05
Senior Account Executive, Tonnage Gasses, Equipment & Energy Group
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Allentown, PA

Sunita Sisodia, MS, EMTM’05

Looking to the Future

Sunita had a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a master's in environmental engineering when she accepted a senior process engineer position at Air Products and Chemicals in Allentown, PA. She developed an interest in corporate business strategy and began thinking about expanding her career path but she felt limited by her education. "I always wanted to go into the business side and look at new business models for emerging technologies. In the chemical industry, though, it can be very difficult to climb the corporate ladder with only a technology background."


When Sunita began to consider additional graduate study, Penn's EMTM program seemed like an obvious choice. It fulfilled her academic interests, and was geographically close to both her home and work. "Since I had a heavy engineering background I really looked for a school that could balance technology and management. Penn was an exact fit, and the program also allowed me the flexibility I needed to maintain a work life balance with two children at home. Then, when I went for the orientation, I met someone from Sony's music division. It was an industry I knew nothing about, but getting his perspective on EMTM was extremely valuable. For me, Penn had the perfect combination: the right curriculum, the right faculty and the right student body of professionals with a variety of experience."

Career Impact

EMTM's impact on Sunita's career was immediate and tangible. "After finishing one year of the program I moved into a new role as a marketing specialist: with the coursework and exposure I'd gained, I could already analyze business problems well enough to take on an entirely different role with confidence. Within a span of three years I was promoted more than once, ultimately moving into a business development role in the Corporate Development Office. In my mind all the credit goes to EMTM." In her current role as the Manager of the Innovations & New Business Development of Corporate Development Office, Sisodia looks at venture firms with new emerging technologies that might fit with Air Product and Chemical's strategic vision.

"We've seen that traditional strategies are losing their effectiveness and what EMTM offers is a radically different approach to designing and implementing new strategies. I don't think I would have gotten the same perspectives from a traditional MBA program. I have also found the network of students particularly helpful. When our company was looking to broaden its services and move deeper into the healthcare arena, I was able to meet with professionals from the pharmaceutical industry I met through EMTM. We practiced innovation strategies like innovation roundtables and networking forums, and even interviewed several companies about other emerging trends."

"I don't think I can fully express the importance both the school and the degree have had on my career. I feel this is just the beginning and the possibilities for the future, between my skills and my ongoing association with the school, are enormous."