Creating Your Own Career Narrative

Beginning with Orientation, EMTM students are encouraged to identify their individual strengths and to build upon these existing strengths and career potential in determining long-term career goals.   This process helps students to identify their ultimate professional aspirations.

Developing Job Search Strategies

Each term, EMTM offers a Career Series in which job search workshops, staffed by experienced career professionals, help students identify where they are and where they want to be on the career management continuum. 

As part of the Career Series, students conduct in-depth self assessments in preparation for informational interviews, develop individual job search strategies, craft relevant resumes and master effective interview techniques.

EMTM students who are looking for traditional career paths have the benefit of tapping into the EMTM Alumni Network, job postings on LinkedIn and active internal recruitment by their peers and classmates.

Getting the Support of Peers and Classmates

The EMTM Career Series is conducted in small interactive groups, which provide feedback, career context/contacts and support throughout the process.

For some students, their time at EMTM unleashes entrepreneurial ambitions, fueled by courses in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the opportunity to participate in the Wharton sponsored campus-wide Business Plan Competition, and by contact with EMTM alums who have launched their own successful ventures.