Orientation is an essential component of the EMTM program. It enables all incoming students to begin the exciting process of learning, to start to get to know each other, to learn the ins and outs of the EMTM program and to become familiar with the Penn Campus, all before the first term begins. The Orientation is a microcosm of an actual term – with students living on campus, preparing for sessions by reading cases, tackling assignments in groups and socializing with each other and with alums who return to campus for this purpose.

Parts of Orientation emphasize the array of opportunities available to students, with particular focus put on students identifying their individual strengths.  The mood is challenging, supportive and promotes the aspirations of the individual.  Other elements of Orientation provide background for the analytic courses of the program and a primer on the case method, which is used extensively throughout the curriculum.

EMTM is a journey with the fixed start in Orientation. The benefits of the program continue throughout one’s career and life.