Collaboration Chemistry

The value of teamwork takes on new meaning at EMTM. Class projects and informal collaborations among students benefit from the shared focus on technical and business concerns and the range of expertise in the EMTM community.

Chris Lee '10, whose undergraduate degree was in Management and International Business, was very conscious of the fact that he had no engineering background when he began the program.   “I hoped to learn from my peers through group work.”   He discovered that EMTM was an environment where everyone both benefitted from and contributed to the program. 

Early on in the core management courses, Chris found himself translating some of the content for group mates “who were left-brain oriented.”   In the Human Computer Interaction tech elective, he found that his customer-focused exposure to usability concepts from his job enabled him to see design opportunities that some of his more technical group mates did not see. 

Chris thinks back fondly to the 4G Wireless tech elective.
“We had a fabulous team working on our project, with folks form the wireless industry, banking, software, medical diagnostics and telecommunications.  We came up with such a great concept with input from across the team, that we continue to keep in contact based upon the project.  Every few months, someone emails the rest of us, asking ‘when we are going to quit our jobs and commercialize this idea?’.

Chris Lee, EMTM’10

Product Management Director


Radnor, PA

Chris concludes that EMTM helped him to become "the marketing expert in a room full of engineers and the technology expert in a room full of marketers."